We're getting a makeover! Unique Wool is now Jameo. Why Jameo?

Terms and Conditions

Discharge of responsibility

The visuals provided by Jameo Inc, (hereinafter "Jameo") are closest to reality. However, Jameo cannot guarantee the accuracy of the fabrics and colors shown in the visuals and those used to make the garment.

Jameo guarantees the accuracy of the elements of the technical file, such as the location of the decorations (with tolerance plus or minus ½ inch), logos, fabrics used, etc. but Jameo does not guarantee the quality of the products after use.

Jameo disclaims all liability associated with the use of logos. The customer must have all the required authorizations allowing the use of the logos.

Quality standards

We can only accept designs that meet our quality criteria. That's why we'll reject designs if any of the following reasons apply.

We respect requests from intellectual property owners. We may reject designs that show protected intellectual property, even in the case of parodies. The same applies to images or names of real people who are entitled to a right of privacy.

You understand that we are acting on your instructions and are under no obligation to verify or confirm the right to legal use or reproduction of any content. You will indemnify and defend Jameo against any claim made as a result of an alleged unauthorized use of intellectual property.

We reject designs and/or accounts that come to our attention when we find that they fall into any of the following categories:
- Illegal content
- Hate speech and hateful content
- Incitement to violence
- Sexually explicit content
- Misleading and harmful content
- Low quality designs

We only accept designs that align with our corporate values.

All designs and content are subject to revision and may be removed at any time without notice.

Responsibility for sizes

The customer is at all times responsible for their choice of size. Therefore, Jameo may suggest sizes, but will never be held responsible for the final choice of sizes.

Photos and videos

Jameo reserves the right to use all items produced for advertising purposes (e.g. website, image or video advertising, social networks, etc.). You will be allowed to use these photos and videos!