We're getting a makeover! Unique Wool is now Jameo. Why Jameo?


Welcome to Jameo! Here we create great stuff and we’re lucky to have an even greater team on board with us. We’re all about trust, fun and doing the right thing.

Good news, we’re also starting our journey toward sustainability which will be all about transparency in everything that we do. We have nothing to hide and we tell it how it is.

For us, sustainability means taking care of our people, our products, and our growth — in that order. Discover our take on sustainability.


We believe our team deserves our full trust and transparency. How do we do it? It’s easy, through open communication and collaboration.


We said goodbye to the traditional 9 to 5 a long time ago. It’s not our jam. Work wherever and whenever you want. You’re in charge of your own time. We completely trust our employees to organize their schedules. They know better. Our workforce is 100% remote. Physical office space is no longer necessary and we prefer giving back to our people with awesome retreats and fun activities.

We’re serious about it. While we are writing those lines, our Project Manager, Annabelle, is currently in Colombia and she’s working with the best view! Our Business Development Manager, André-Philippe, is planning a two months trip to Europe and he’ll be working from there. We’re happy that he’ll get to discover new places and have fun! Here’s how he sees it:

"It’s all about trust! I’ve never had this level of trust with an employer before. When your employer gives you this much trust and freedom you simply don’t want to disappoint."

Ambitions & Goals

Every employee is involved in our roadmap. They know where we’re heading and they’re 100% on board with us. We share a vision and we have big dreams and goals for the future. We truly hope that Jameo will still be there in 100 years and we’ll work our best to make it happen.


We’re proud to say that we offer competitive salaries and benefits. Plus, all our employees have stock options and they can be shareholders of our company. We work as a team and we share our wins as a team. We treat our people right and compensation should never be overlooked.

Plus, we’ve signed the Conscious Culture pledge. It’s an official commitment to putting the quality of life of our employees and partners first.

Finally, thanks to the feedback of our team, we are officially certified as a Great Place to Work® since June 2022! We thank each team member for taking part in an anonymous survey about their workplace experience at Jameo.


Our products are designed in Quebec and made with care in Pakistan by an incredible team that we love and know very well.

We’re not kidding when we say that we know our supplier. We were invited to the factory owner's wedding in Pakistan and our CEO, Bruno, was the best man. See for yourself.

We’ve been working with them from day one and we visit them regularly. Our businesses are growing and evolving hand in hand. We saw their business go from 5 to 30 employees and we've been there every step of the way providing when needed cash flow, tools, coaching and more.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished with them and all our customers should know where their amazing custom pieces are made and by who. So here, meet our production team:

Unfortunately, a story like ours is quite rare in the fashion industry. This industry needs a complete makeover. We believe that we can join forces to make the clothing industry a better place. With the right mindset and commitment, we can create a more conscious fashion and contribute to a brighter future.

Indeed, we’re proud to say that our products and our business are certified carbon neutral by LCL Environment and we’ve worked on offsetting our carbon emissions since 2019 through Wren. Let’s keep the Earth cool together.

Some companies think it’s time to go to space. We’re all about innovation and new discoveries. But we also think it’s a priority that we get down to earth and to our community.


Let’s talk money. We’re an open book.

We strongly believe in transparency and that’s why we share all our numbers with our employees. After all, they’re a big part of our success and they should know about it.

We also believe that you should know where your money goes when you order with us. Let’s break it down, here’s what you’re actually paying for:

1- Manufacturing (43%): Over the years, we’ve developed a solid relationship with our factory in Pakistan where your custom gear is made with care. We pay our people very well and they deliver high-quality apparel made to last.

2- Shipping (18%): Can’t get rid of this one! We’re always looking for ways to improve our delivery time and we’re working with the best courier services.

3- Salaries, benefits & culture (17%): Sharing is caring and we always share our success with our team. A proper salary, interesting benefits and stock options are no-brainers. Plus, we’re not afraid to challenge our accountant when it’s time to fix our culture & happiness budget. Our team deserves the best and we’re so thankful for their dedication.

4- Research & development (12%): We’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve our products and technologies. We want to offer our customers products they can be proud of and a memorable experience with us. That’s why we invest our profits and funding in research and development.

5- Carbon offset (3%): We want to keep Earth cool. Since 2019, we’ve been offsetting our carbon emissions and our products are now officially Carbon Neutral.

6- Others (7%): Running a business comes with its fair share of challenges and various expenses. We always need to be ready!

What’s next?

Don’t worry, we’re not planning on stopping here. It’s only the beginning for us. We see sustainability as an everlasting work in progress.

1- Eliminate 100% of individual packaging.

2- Get the B-Corp certification

3- Introduce fabrics that are better for our planet such as recycled polyester and organic cotton.

Thank you for being part of our journey toward sustainability.